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"The quality of his message on how to break away from failure and strive for success is essential in today's world."
... Jim Yeazell - Principal - Northwestern High School

"Our students were amazed by your feats of strength and enthralled by your personal stories of perserverance and achievement."
... Mickey Blackwell - Principal - Horace Mann Middle Sch.

"His message fits any audience, from Kindergarten thru High School and beyond."
... James C. Kiger - Teacher - Chandler Elementary

"...his presentation was one of the most dynamic, beneficial programs I've ever encountered. Our students were talking about his "message" throughout the rest of the day."
... Robert H. VanOsdol - Principal - Graham High School

Today on febuary 7, 2007 you came and spoke at pierce middle school in merrillville and gave a speech about all kinds of things and i found what you said very interresting and encourageing . you told us the basics about life and not to listen to what people say when it is not postive towards you and i would like to thank you and to tell you your speech was very nice and good for our age group. so thank you very much :^)

... Shikeia

Shawn, I want to let you know how much we all appreciated you coming to speak to our students at Grissom Middle School in Mishawaka, Indiana today. What a blessing you were to all the students and very inspiring. I would like to know if you could send 5 of your football cards to give our special needs children in room 183. We were some of the last to leave the room and they had ran out. If you could do that, our students would LOVE that. Please contact me and let me know. Thanks again and God Bless you!

... Beth

I am a jr. from Warsaw Community High School and I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for coming to my school on Tuesday! I enjoyed listening to you, not only because I am a huge football fan ;) but because what you said really meant alot. I really loved your "No Pressure, No Diamond" quote. I can really relate to that. I have so much planned for my future and all of the pressure that people put on me really is hard sometimes, but you showed me that I can utilize that pressure into something more. I can use that pressure to make myself better and become that diamond. So I just wanted to say thank you so much, and I really hope that you continue to do what you are doing for a very long time!

Thanks again, Jackie

I just finished watching MTV Made. You was the Made coach. You said something that I now say everyday "A setback is a setup for a comeback" The reason this means so much to me is because in April my left leg was amputated above the knee. Im a single mom of 2 childern, I worked full time, now my life is no more! But " A setback is a setup for a GREAT COMEBACK!!!! I was told by the doctors I would never return to my job! Watch and see!

... Tracey


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